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Gift Calculators

Appreciated Securities may be contributed directly to Manresa by transferring the actual stock certificate or through an account transfer arranged by your Financial Advisor. In either case, you avoid the tax on any potential gain and receive a charitable income deduction. This calculator illustrates the potential Income Tax savings and Capital Gains tax avoided with a transferred gift vs. cash.

A Charitable Gift Annuity pays you a fixed dollar amount. The amount is determined at the time of the contribution and is based on your age and, if you have designated another beneficiary, on his/her age as well. For older senior citizens, annuity rates may be 7% or 8%, or even higher. Part of the annuity payment is tax-free, and the initial charitable deduction offers substantial income tax savings. This is an easy option to choose with very simple paperwork. This calculator illustrates your potential income, rate and the deductible portion of the gift.

A Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) is an irrevocable trust into which you can transfer assets—such as investment property—that have appreciated in value well beyond their original cost. The CRUT can provide income that will last the rest of your and your spouse’s lives or for a specified number of years (maximum 20.) When the income has been fully distributed under the terms of your trust, Manresa will receive the assets remaining in the trust. The CRT can provide income, estate and capital gains tax benefits, and a lasting gift to Manresa.

A Charitable Lead Trust is the reverse of the charitable remainder trust and functions as a temporary gift, or loan, to Manresa Jesuit Retreat House. That is, instead of paying income to you, the trust pays income to Manresa for a term of years, before the principal reverts back to you, a family member or another beneficiary. A lead trust can greatly reduce estate taxes, allowing you to make a significant gift to Manresa and ultimately pass more to your heirs. This calculator illustrates your potential tax exempt amount, income generated for Manresa and the IRS discount rate used to determine the charitable deduction.

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