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1748 Society

The 1748 Society is a group of caring individuals who have joined together to preserve a more than 270 year tradition at Wilmington Friends School -- offering young people an education that is rich in the Quaker values of intellectual independence, moral principles, academic rigor, and concern for others. Society members include alumni, current parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends of WFS. Regardless of their affiliation, members share a common commitment to ensuring that Friends School has the financial resources necessary to advance its mission.

To accomplish this, each member of the 1748 Society agrees to make a special planned gift to Friends School -- a gift that will have lasting impact. These gifts are placed in endowment to secure the long-term future of the school.

What is a Planned Gift?

A planned gift is any gift that is carefully designed to maximize a donor's financial and estate plans while, at the same time, supporting the long-term financial stability of an institution through endowment. Planned gifts can take a variety of forms. The simplest one is a bequest, which is the inclusion of Friends School in your will. Cash, securities, real estate, and tangible property can all be given through a bequest.

Another type of planned gift -- the Life-Income Gift -- allows you to contribute to Friends School now, enjoy immediate tax benefits, and retain an income stream for the rest of your life. Life-income options at Friends School include Gift Annuities, the WFS Pooled Income Fund, Remainder Trusts, and Lead Trusts.

Other planned giving options include naming Friends School as the owner and/or beneficiary of a life insurance policy or giving a residence while retaining the right to live in it for life or a period of years (Retained Life Estate).

Significant estate, gift, and income tax benefits are associated with all of these options, and the Development Office can give specific figures for any gift you are considering. You will:

  • get an immediate charitable tax deduction with a 5-year carry over if needed.
  • receive regular income for the rest of your life.
  • increase your income from low-yield assets.
  • avoid or save capital gains tax on appreciated assets.
  • reduce your estate taxes for qualifying estates.
  • free yourself of the burden of managing an investment.
  • be giving a gift that benefits generations to come.


Anonymous (2)
Judy and James Aliquo
Phoebe B. Baker '62
Cricket and Mark Ball '52
Karen Gordon Bastow '98
Dorothy Aspin Baugher '32*
Mona Bayard and Thomas F. Bayard '62
Christine Beadle *
Phyllis Shomo Beidler '69
Sewell Biggs '33 *
Matilda Beasley Bixby '55 *
Anne Philips Blake '24 *
Anne Bonnyman
Lydia Boyer and David Boyer '48
Jon Brilliant
Edith Broad *
Evelyn Brownlee
Devereaux Rose Eyler '55 and Edward Bruch *
Miriam Hawkins Bryant '16 *
Judith Childs Butler and Hays Butler
Stephen Clark *
Valentina Colpitts *
Annie and Chris Coons
Kate and John * Cowperthwait
Dorothy Kay Cox '46 *
Rosanne Cox and Irving John Cox III '62
Janet S. Cox *
Eleanor and Alan Craig
Bonnie Wilson Crosby '79 and Sumner Crosby
Bruce S. Cutler '58
Anh Dam '90
Lisa A.H. Darling
Elizabeth Valentine Daudt '41 and Louis Daudt*
Lisa and Bernard David
Amy Taylor Davis '72
Charles T. Davis '51
Josephine Mode Devine ’50
Joan M. Dietze *
Davis G. Durham *
Ira Thomas Ellis, Jr. '52
Madge Ellis '56
M. Nixon Ellis '68
Winifred Nixon Ellis '36 *
Meg Gehret Erskine ’83
Abigail Greene Fassnacht '57 and
John Fassnacht
Heather Fleming '60
Catherine Burke Flickinger '36*
Juliana Smith Forbes
Mary N. Gardner *
Miriam Stausebach Gedling '49
Imogene Geoghegan and Joseph Geoghegan '45*
Emily Geuder '87
Sara Hodge Geuder '55
Tim Gibbs '76
W. Ervin Gloor *
Genevieve Gore *
Landis P. Green
Carroll Griffith '29 *
Melody and Harry Hammond
Barbara Jones Haskins *
Martha Hays and Richard Horwitz '75
Carol Jo Heald and Richard T. Heald '46*
Ann '57 and Bob Heaton
Mary Lawshe Henderer
Arthur W. and Margaret M. Hill
Yancey Hillegas and David Hillegas '55
Eleanor Marsh Hillers '50* and Robert Hillers
Elizabeth Moore Johnston '58
Steven J. Johnson '79
W. Rufus Jones '52
Robert Keating *
Karin and Joseph J. Kirkland
Mary and Daniel Klein
Cynthia and Don Kuespert
Deborah Hitt Lane '62 and Gordon Lane
Maureen and Terry Lawrence '62*

Deborah Sutton Layton and Richard Layton *
Sally Longstreth * Herschel Loomis, Jr. '52
Sarah Downs Lull '29 *
William Lynch '38 *
Martha Crane Lyon *
Alicia Fritz Maharty '35 *
Walter Manss, Jr. '54 *
Ruth Marshall and Thomas C. Marshall, Jr. '41*
Ruth Ann Lauritsen Marston '40 *
Lisa Fitzpatrick and Thomas Marston '75
Reed Masten '75
J. Eric May '53 *
Elizabeth Lahr McCulloch ’44*
Julie Tattersall McGinnis '82
Marshall K. McKusick '72
Margaret Steinbring McMillan '45* and
    David McMillan*
Carolyn West Medill '42 *
Suzanne Merrick '39 *
William F. Metten, Jr. '40*
Sara Miller '63
John Mullin, Jr. '39 *
Carolyn Myers '39 *
Josephine Clapp Osbun*
Laura Pardee and Fred Pardee '52
G. Burton Pearson '23 *
Jay C. Pownall *
Phyllis A. Pownall '69
Darcy and Ronald * Rademaker
Alice Rapkin and Fredrick Rapkin '65
Alice D. Reilly
Cornelius V. Robbins '49 *
Brian Sagrestano
Toshiko* and John Salzberg '54
Edward* and Joanna* Savery
Elizabeth Lord Scott '70 and Thomas Scott '70
Margaret* and Robert B.* Scott
Howard G. Seebach '48
Christobel Shedd Selecky '72
Joann Brosius Shoemaker '44* and Charles G. Shoemaker '41
Carl Frederick Shrawder '57
James Shuster '50*
Elaine and David W. Singleton
Jane Rittenhouse Smiley*
Grayson Smith, Jr. '68 *
Jeannette Smith and Walter Smith '62
Anne and Wilbert B. Smith *
Ward Alan Smith '50
Howard W. Starkweather, Jr. '44 *
Elizabeth Stephenson * and
    Thomas W. Stephenson '31 *
Elizabeth Davidson Storke '32 *
Isabella K. Tarumianz*
Charlotte Taylor
Diane* Teeple and Rodman Teeple '45
Marjorie Johnson Tilghman '24 *
Adelaide Tinker *
Martha Poorman Tschantz '85 and Jay Tschantz
Chaplin Tyler*
Penny Kolloff and John Urice '64
Luke and Anna Wales
Alfred D. Warner, Jr. '96 *
Eleanor Betts Warner*
Pamela Appleby Waxlax '83
Donald Welles '53 *
Mike Wise '64
Franklyn C. von Wiskow *
Roy H. Wilkinson '70
Nancy Cantwell Winslow '32 * and John Winslow *
Caroline Penniman* Wohlforth '50 and Eric Wohlforth
Ernest Woodacre *
Horace T. Woodward*
Cynthia Pyle Woolley '56
Janet Martin Yabroff ’64
Julie Jenks Zorach and Peter Zorach


For More Information

The Development Office at Wilmington Friends School is available to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the Planned Gift option that is best for you. There will be no pressure or obligation when you contact us, and all information will remain strictly confidential. The decision to be part of the 1748 Society is a very personal one. Therefore, we will do everything possible to ensure that you feel comfortable with your choice. Please contact us at (302) 254-3853. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to sharing with you the benefits of becoming part of the 1748 Society.

The material on this website is not offered as legal or tax advice. Please consult with your professional advisors prior to any gift.
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