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Our inspiration for creating a legacy at Villanova was simple; It was the legacy the school created for us.
Villanova University is largely what has shaped our adult lives. It is where we met and eventually married. It is where we solidified life long friendships and where we were given the tools to succeed in the real world. Most importantly, it is where we learned the values of community and humility. We feel blessed that we are able to give back a part of what was given to us at Villanova and we hope that someone else may share that same experience.

Cass ’01 VSB and Kathryn ’01 CLAS Tokarski

Donor 1

Having spent 11 years working in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences I witnessed firsthand Villanova's positive transformation and evolution through campus improvements, recruiting top faculty, innovative technology projects and staying ahead of the curve in the ever competitive higher education market. I am happy to contribute to Villanova's capital campaign.

Christopher ’04 CLAS and Kathy Driscoll

Donor 1

My decision to create a legacy at Villanova represents the recognition and continuation of my family’s investment in a Villanova education. My dad, Vincent L. Lamanna, was the first member of our family to receive a college education when he enrolled at Villanova College in 1932 as a pre-med student. Thereafter, his younger brother Louis Lamanna graduated Villanova College in 1953, followed by me in 1962 and my brother, Stephen in 1967. Following in footsteps were my children Vincent Lamanna III, Class of 1989 and Denise Lamanna, Class of 1995. A Villanova education is indeed a Lamanna family tradition.

Vincent L. Lamanna, Jr. ’62 VSB

Villanova University has a clear commitment to making a difference in the world through the high quality education they provide to students. The caring atmosphere of this campus is evident immediately to all who visit and students quickly feel they are part of the Villanova family. The focus on community service is a wonderful way for students to give to others what they have been fortunate enough to receive. I am so honored to be able to say I am a Villanova nurse and even more grateful to be on faculty now as well. When I looked into ways that I might give back to my alma mater, the Heritage Society came to mind. Hopefully my donation will make a difference in the lives of Villanova students for many years to come.

Dr. Susan C. Slaninka RN, EdD '69
Adjunct Professor of Nursing

As a Villanova EMBA Graduate, I realized the power of the Villanova Community and the mission of the Villanova University - especially the Villanova School of Business. In deciding to leave a portion of my estate to the Villanova School of Business I envision the school continuing on its path of impacting future students and their being entrusted to impact future global businesses. In addition, it was important for me to also illustrate to my children that gift-giving for something you believe in is part of the way you live your life.

Kathie De Chirco, '08 EMBA

When I think of Villanova, the first thought that comes to mind is the word "awesome." My experience of nine years on Villanova's campus to obtain my BSN and MSN forever helped to change my life and my role as a professional nurse. The education I received at Villanova built on the solid foundation I had already received from my Diploma School of Nursing - Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The support and guidance from the College of Nursing faculty, Julia Paparella and Dr. Louise Fitzpatrick, were instrumental in my success as a RN to BSN student. The practicum experiences, afforded to me in the MSN program, further enhanced my confidence as well allowed me to develop a network of support among professional colleagues. I believe that giving back to Villanova through a bequest in my estate plan and through annual donations helps to support educational opportunities for current and future students and keep the Villanova legacy alive.

Grace Spena, '80 BSN, '85 MSN

As time goes by, my appreciation grows for all that Villanova has given me. The university provided me with broad liberal arts knowledge and technical business skills that proved essential in establishing me in my career, but also core values and close friendships that sustain me today. I am proud to be a graduate of a university that continues its tradition of educating first generation college students from working families. That's how I came to Villanova, and why we enthusiastically support the university now and through a bequest in our estate plan.

John Thacker, '84 VSB and Kimberly Thacker

Donor 1

After 37 years of teaching, I retired with no regrets and thousands of pleasant memories. Thanks to an assistantship, I got to work in Villanova's English Department at the same time my brother John was pursuing an engineering degree. Without scholarship help, neither one of us could have attended. Villanova provided educational experiences with direct tie-ins to rewarding careers. After graduation, John moved to the south shore of Massachusetts where he and his wife raised their two sons. I wish he had lived to see the birth of his grandchildren. In memory of John and in thanksgiving for the role the University played in both our lives, I choose to name Villanova as my heir. From cover to cover, each issue of the VILLANOVAN features stories which prove that every generation of students has taken to heart the messages of giving back. I am proud to be a small part of the University story.

Barbara Lane, '67 MA

Donor 1

John's father spoke often of the generosity of people who gave of their wealth in this great Nation so that others may benefit. Upon reviewing our financial situation we felt it would be possible to make a contribution and provide support to our family as well. We contacted and met with the University staff and arranged a gift program to achieve our objectives knowing John's parents would have been most pleased. Looking back we feel one does not generally consider this action achievable, unfortunately, and we miss opportunities that develop from time to time that would make it possible to happen in increments in many cases. We are sure we could have done more had we considered and planned to achieve this goal in an incremental manner.

John Duffy, '58 COE and Agnes Duffy

Donor 1

"Our father felt a very strong loyalty to his alma mater, crediting all his opportunities in life to his education and football days at Villanova. The Planned Giving program gave my parents the opportunity and the pleasure of contributing to Villanova during their lifetime and benefiting from the proceeds of that gift. We understand that the proceeds from that gift will now be contributed to the scholarship."

Mary McKenna Thorne
Daughter and executor of the estates of John H. ('38) and Eileen F. McKenna

Donor 1

"Villanova has impacted so many alumni careers and contributed to a great post-collegiate life. Planned Giving via life insurance proceeds and will bequests is the perfect way for alumni, young and old, to build on their Villanova legacy, while thanking the University for all it has done and continues to do for us."

Krystin Fischer Boylan, '05 A&S

Donor 1

"Among the many gifting programs available to Villanova alumni, we found the charitable gift annuity attractive as it provides a lifetime stream of income while affording several tax and estate planning benefits. Of equal importance is the legacy, the perpetuation of values and the institutional strength gifting provides in assuring educational excellence for future Villanovans."

Nick Calio, '65 ME and Roselynn Calio

Donor 1

"Regardless of the gift amount or type of assets, planned giving is something that people need to know is available to them at Villanova. You can give to the University in many different ways and make an impact."

Tom Treacy, '69 A&S, '71 GS and Diane Treacy, '82 GS

Donor 1

The academic education a student at Villanova University receives is equal, if not better, than a student can receive at the highest educational institutions in the world. The academic education is not the only facet of education a student receives at Villanova. The Villanova campus life is a wonderful experience where a student learns to mature into a complete Christian individual who is ready to enter into the world of business with the moral integrity to help make the world into a better place for mankind. A Heritage Society gift to the University is one of the best ways to insure that Villanova University is able to continue in its quest to make it possible for its students to complete their well rounded Christian education.

Daniel J. Leahy, '54 C&F

Donor 1

When we had our first child we took the time to do a simple estate plan. While going through that process we decided to include Villanova in our estate. While the value of the gift today is modest, the long term value will hopefully be much more impactful. Without Villanova we never would have met, and our individual experiences with the University have created lifelong memories and enduring friendships. The impact Villanova has made on our lives is priceless and making this gift is one way to help pay it back.

Kevin Noller, '04 A&S, '09 MBA and Kerrin Noller, '04 A&S

Donor 1

Villanova is one of the finest universities in the world. I received a presidential scholarship during my four years at Nova and, along with annual alumni giving, am trying to repay that generosity now that I am able.

Raymond J. Haag, D.M.D, '71 COE

Donor 1

I think it's important to give to institutions and charities that work towards bettering our society or improving the conditions for those in need. I clearly view Villanova as an institution that strives to improve our society by providing a tremendous environment for students of all ages and walks of life. As a Villanova alumnus, I'm happy to leave something for the University to continue its great work.

Bill Powell, '78 C&F

Donor 1

I had an amazing four years at Villanova and it is my belief that a gift like this is one way in which I can give back to the University for all that it has given me. In my gift I hope to be able to enable other students to have the opportunities I did as a College of Engineering student. I realize that contributions like mine and ones from other donors are what helps the University continue to grow into the best Villanova it can be. I am excited to be a member of the Heritage Society and hope that the Society grows further to best serve Villanova.

Gregory Sleasman, '11 COE

Donor 1

Villanova guided and strengthened me spiritually. The University helped me to become the person I am today. And I want very much for my children to share in the Villanova experience. I am also grateful for the care and compassion my daughter received from the Cardiac Care nurses at CHOP who helped save her life — many of which were graduates of the Villanova College of Nursing. This is why I am so inspired to make such a gift.

John Scalia, '87 C&F

Donor 1

I grew up in a small town in NJ. Villanova opened the entire world to me. It was the best possible springboard for the rest of my life.

Herb Rammrath, '57 A&S

Donor 1

I made an Estate Gift because Villanova University has been an important part of my life. By making this gift I am able to help Villanova and future students far beyond my time. From a practical standpoint there are tax advantages which help the donor and Villanova. Making an Estate Gift allowed me to keep my estate intact during my lifetime. Above all I feel good about knowing that I have helped future generations of Villanovans.

Harry Widmeier, '56 C&F

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