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Why I Give

Why I Give

Elaine Smythe ‘52

In the summer of 2001, alumna Elaine Smythe ’52 named SJC as the owner and beneficiary of a $1 million life insurance policy — the largest gift in the history of the College. A career elementary school teacher, Ms. Smythe explained that her years at SJC were among her fondest memories. A few years after her initial gift, she increased the amount of the insurance policy to $4 million.

Ms. Smythe passed away in July 2009 but thanks to her special gift, her legacy lives on. During the 2010-2011 academic year, The Daniel, Margaret and Elaine Smythe Endowed Scholarship provided partial scholarship support to more than 200 of SJC’s child study students.

Dr. Reza and Mrs. Georgianna Clifford Khatib ‘52

The Reza and Georgianna Clifford Khatib Chair in Comparative Religion was established in 2008 to increase understanding and mutual respect among cultures and faiths. Endowed by a very generous gift from the Khatibs, it was the College’s first departmental chair and has provided the College with an outstanding platform for cultural discussion.

Throughout their long and distinguished careers, the Khatibs have devoted themselves to improving the well-being of others. Their long history of philanthropy includes a clinic in Dr. Khatib’s hometown of Mashad, Iran for needy patients. Setting up the Khatib Chair at SJC was an extension of their desire to promote the exploration of the world’s religions, particularly Islam.

“The study of religious beliefs of different groups is often contradictory, overlapping and similar. Only by reading and coming in contact with scholars can we hope to reach understanding,” Mrs. Khatib said.

Pat Torres ‘59

"When I graduated from St. Joseph's College for Women in 1959, I felt a real sense of loss. My four years at the College were a unique period, and while I looked forward to what was ahead, I knew I would miss the daily camaraderie of friends, the sense of wonder and enthusiasm engendered by talented and caring faculty, and the deepening of a shared faith among all of us. How those years enriched my life!

My husband and I, both grateful for what our college experience meant to us, decided several years ago to establish a Charitable Remainder Unitrust for our respective alma maters. We also contribute annually in hope that other young people may enjoy a St. Joseph's education for life, not just for a job or career. Esse non Videri is more than simply a motto.

Finally, I want to express my special appreciation and affection for the Sisters of St. Joseph, who were my teachers, mentors and dear friends, from kindergarten through college and into the present. They were, and are, an extraordinary group of women. May God bless them always."

Barbara Carroll ‘58

“My four years at St. Joe’s enriched my mind, my soul and my heart. They prepared me well for marriage, motherhood and my long career as a teacher of deaf and hard of hearing children. At St. Joseph’s, friendships were sincere and enduring, prayer was a part of every day and the honor system was a unique source of pride, strengthening respect for honesty, integrity and character.

My husband and I have always supported our respective alma maters as an expression of thanks for the abundance we have received and the accomplishments we have enjoyed as a result of the fine Catholic educations with which we have been blessed. Therefore, including St. Joseph’s in our estate planning is simply another level of that expression of gratitude. If we, in some small measure, can provide others with the same opportunities we have enjoyed perhaps they, in turn, will be motivated to continue the grand legacy of St. Joseph’s College.”

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