Meet Our Donors

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Meet Our Donors

RADM G. Robert Merrilees, USCGR (Ret.): ROA Immediate Past President

The Endowment is a way to support ROA. The reason Beverly and I support it, is because we believe in what it stands for—Homeland Security. Homeland Security is the major number one item we have in the U.S. today. We are Reserve forces integrated with the Active Duty Commands supporting the Abrams Doctrine, and I believe in that principle.


MG Evan "Curly" Hultman, AUS (Ret.)

Support for ROA’S future is one of the reasons MG Evan "Curly" Hultman and his wife Betty have contributed to the Endowment Fund." ROA needs resources to continue its mission in the future, and the ROA Endowment is a great way to show support for our Reserve Forces." General Hultman said recently. He and his wife also expressed gratitude for the many ways they have benefited from ROA, and added that they "couldn’t think of a better way for each of us to give back some measure of what we’ve gained" by ensuring ROA’S future through an Endowment Fund contribution.


CAPT Allan K. Brier, USCGR (Ret.)

Jane and I feel it guarantees the financial future for the Reserve Officers Association.


Captain Michael Nolan, USNR (Ret.)

"I encourage all members of the Reserve Officers Association to consider making a gift to the ROA Memorial Endowment Trust. ROA's unique congressional charter provides that the purpose of our Association shall be to support a military policy for the United States, which will provide adequate National Security. A gift to the Endowment Trust will insure that ROA continues to have a strong voice on legislative issues, which affect the defense of our nation. Our citizen soldiers have performed in an outstanding manner to defend our country for over 228 years. I strongly believe in ROA's mission and have made a contribution to the ROA Memorial Endowment Trust. Thanks for your service to our nation and ROA and I hope you will consider a gift to the Memorial Endowment Trust."


Lt Col Roger C. Gardner III, USAFR and Lt Col Brenda Gardner USAFR

ROA Resource Development ensures the viability of ROA’s future, ROA is here to support our future……. We believe that they go hand in hand.

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