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Deferred Gift Annuity

How It Works

  • You transfer cash or securities to The Potomac School. Our minimum gift requirement is $10,000.
  • Beginning on a specified date in the future, Potomac begins to pay you, or up to two annuitants you name, fixed annuity payments for life.
  • Beneficiaries are recommended to be at least 65 to begin receiving payments and must be at least 40 to fund the gift.
  • The remaining balance passes to Potomac when the contract ends.


  • Deferral of payments permits a higher annuity rate and generates a larger charitable deduction.
  • You can schedule your annuity payments to begin when you need extra income, such as retirement years.
  • Payments are guaranteed and fixed, regardless of fluctuations in the market.
  • The longer you elect to defer payments, the higher your payment will be.


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Contact Information

Barbara Overstreet
Director of Development


"A child is an innocent vessel, and you pour things into it. Your nurture your children from birth up; then, if you send them to Potomac, I think they'll make it."
— Bettina (Hartley) Tierney '52