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Bob Lantz

Bob Lantz

Bob Lantz is a shining example of what the Sarah’s stars program is all about: someone dedicated to the health of the community that Culberson Hospital serves.

Recently, Lantz and his wife of 60 years, Patsy, graciously made an annual pledge to the CMH Foundation, which helps keep prompt, quality health care right here in Schuyler County.

“I think Culberson is very important to the people of this community because of the service it provides,” says Lantz. “Otherwise, instead of people getting medical service here in Rushville, locally, they’d have to go 30 to 50 miles away. For some it’s not a problem, but we have a fair amount of elderly citizens in our population. And I’m talking about myself now," Bob adds, laughing.

Sarah’s star was created as a program for those who would like to give back to the Culberson Hospital, allowing them to pledge annually, semi-annually or however they prefer over a period of years. “That money can go to help provide equipment to help nurses and doctors,” says Lantz.

Lantz has a history of dedication to the people of Schuyler County throughout his service to CMH. In addition to a full time career with the USDA’s Soil Conservation Service for over 25 years, Lantz served on the CMH Board for 10 years, eventually becoming Board Chairman. He was then asked to serve on the CMH Foundation Board in 1998 and wholeheartedly accepted.

“Some people retire and you may not see them again,” adds Foundation Director Tim Ward. “But Bob retired and now does community work, is on the Foundation Board, and chairs the Planned Giving Committee. In a way, he’s as busy as he was years ago. He’s a volunteer willing to serve and give back to the hospital.”

You can even catch Lantz helping as one of the Culbertson’s Friends, a group of volunteers offering on-on-one escort assistance for all who come to CMH. “I enjoy being there at the hospital helping out and meeting the people,” says Lantz warmly. “They do appreciate the service.”

Lantz extends the opportunity to join Sarah’s Stars alongside him and his wife, Patsy. Especially to those who care deeply about the health care that CMH offers the families of our service area.

“Schuyler County is my home county,” says Lantz. “The CMH Foundation is a way to give money to support our hospital.”  

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