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Meet Our Benefactors

We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.

Lyanne Lindo Wassermann '61 - Charitable Bequest

I owe a lot to my college experience for making me who I am. I feel it’s a personal obligation to support your alma mater–to support it while you are living and to support it when you are gone. Education is so very, very important. You need to pass that on to your children.

Bonnie Goldblum Fiorentino '87 - Charitable Bequest

I am so grateful for the education and experiences I received at Beaver. I already contribute to The Fund for Arcadia and it seemed only fitting to permanently solidify my gratitude by including Arcadia in our will.

Suzanne Durand '71 - Charitable Bequest

"Charitable giving is an American virtue. My husband and I believe that organizations should be independent of government financial support and the accompanying restrictions, and one source of income should be from private donations. When we drew up our wills last year, we wanted to ensure that the money left in our estate would go to organizations that had been meaningful in our lives."

Jane Grove '59 - Charitable Gift Annuity

"If you have the money and want to invest it in the future of our children, a charitable gift annuity is the best route to take. You're getting financial security while helping your cause. Money doesn't do any good sitting under a mattress."

Pradyumna Chauhan, Ph.D., Professor of English - Charitable Gift Annuity

"In 1968, the College became my home and its employees, my family. I have owed the group deep gratitude which, piecemeal, I have sought to repay. There is infinitely greater joy in giving what one earns than in consuming it oneself. And, personally, I have discovered no better recipient for such gifts of love than the school that taught my children, giving them a direction for their respective careers. Thankfully, a CGA investment in Beaver College, now Arcadia University, only enhances the school's power to further multiply productive and useful citizens for the country."

Bette Landman, Ph.D., ’04H, President Emerita

"From my 33 years at Beaver College, now Arcadia University, I know how dramatically lives can be changed by providing a personal, quality education to those who otherwise may never had the chance to go to college. For me, hearing the personal stories of alumnae from the classes of 1920s confirmed that we, who benefited from the generosity of our predecessors, owe future generations of underprivileged but able students a similar chance to maximize their potential and realize their dreams."

Beverly Rappaport Goldberg ’53 - Charitable Gift Annuity

As an alumna, I've always wanted to make a major gift to Arcadia University. Beaver College changed my life. With my charitable gift annuity, I can help new generations of students while also increasing my income.

Bernice Wenzel Jeffrey '42 - Revocable Living Trust

I included Arcadia in my estate plans through a revocable living trust to provide future generations of Arcadia students with the academic challenges I enjoyed. Arcadia really was an ideal environment for me. The whole atmosphere was congenial. I was able to work closely with several faculty members, and all of them were approachable. If I had not gone to Arcadia, I wonder what I would have become!

Eleanor Murphy Workman ’54 - Charitable Bequest

I've always believed that you give what you get and get what you give. That is why when my husnad and I were reviewing our estate plans we agreed to include a bequest for both of our colleges in our wills. I really came into my own while attending Arcadia. I grew and became my own person... it made a big difference in my life and I feel I should pay that back.

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