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Estate Planning Resources
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Estate Planning Resources
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Stories of Hope & Promise

Need more information about gift planning with The ALS Association?

Jessica Chapman
Director, Planned Giving
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Washington, DC 20005

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"In all of our lives there comes a time - almost always unexpectedly - when something happens that so changes our lives that we swear: 'I will never forget this. My life will never be the same. Now, I have learned what matters most.'"

--Noah benShea

Leaving a legacy isn't optional. We will certainly be remembered - it's really a question of how. So, when you think about the legacy you hope to leave, make sure you reflect your values and your hopes and dreams for the future - in other words, what really matters to you. If fighting ALS is important to you, we invite you to consider a gift through your estate or financial plan to The ALS Association.

There is still much to be done before ALS is eradicated. There are many ways you can leave a legacy of hope through your estate and financial planning. These pages are a starting point for considering how you can ensure that your legacy reflects your support of the mission of The ALS Association. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of ALS patients and their families.

Did you know . . .

  • You don't have to be wealthy to make a significant gift to The ALS Association. Every gift makes a difference.
  • You can take care of loved ones and The Association. There are many types of gifts that enable you to do both.
  • Estate and financial planning doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. See our Estate Planning Resources to learn how.

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